Monday, March 26, 2012

What to blog about...


Hye all...
felt like forever since my last update here..hehe
to be honest..i dont know what to blog about...

there's one day 
when i cooked
i captured masakan i
and i think i wanna write something la about masak-masak ni
but i am too lazy utk tulis the recipe
plus i am not the professional chef
so my masakan is so simple or so-so
which is boleh dimakan
and agak senang hati bila hubby ckp sedap
so..i kept to myself...
(if one day i rajin, i'll post here that simple menu okey:P)

and then there's one day
i went out
i m kind of person who loves snip snap picture jugak...
but then i realized that it wasnt good enough
it is just the way i like it
and i dont know what other people might comment
so..i kept to myself..

i love fashion also
but i am not that fashionable
to upload my 'what i wear today' here..
because my daily wear seems boring hahahha
office wear yg kalau boleh bangun pagi - mandi - siap2 - baju xpayah iron ade tak?
haaaa tau x betapa malasnye nak iron baju skarang...
(but jgn ingat i pakai baju kedut2 g ofis k...not that bad..)
so again, i dont blog about it...:P

so here in 'Ich Liebe Dich?' i write randomly..
i dont do specific post..
if today: i feel like writing...then no picture..just words.
if tomorrow: i feel like i have snap beautiful pictures..u will see me posting some here
or if i terlebih rajin, you will see not so creative penulisan and pictures.


lets wait and see what i might post after this.

miss me not!