Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011 and Hye-Hye 2012!~


Hye darlings! i felt like yearsss since my last update kat sini!
Kasihan my blog ni lack of new updates...
been busy but i promise to write before the end of this 2011...:)

Apa kenangan pahit manis tahun 2011 you all?
for me...there are lots!

yang manis awal tahun one of it ialah get pregnant. 

pic: google~

sgt2 happy!
hubby treat me like a need to masak if i m bit tired...hee...and many others...

4 months and half with the pregnancy moment and berita pahit terpaksa diterima..

pic: cdt to deviantart

i lost my baby..i do not know apa kesilapan it i am to tired with work..or terlalu byk travelling..or salah makan...bile banyak fikir..kepala pusing..hati sedih.. but sy redha. mungkin belum rezeki kami.
and after 1 month on leave and berpantang, i get back to work..but masa ni pulak hubby terpaksa kerja kat langkawi pulak..until now. so jadila kami pasangan jarak jauh..

sy bersyukur dengan ujian yang Allah beri...ini maknanya Allah sygkan kita kan?:)

back to work terus busy sakan...
i participated in GPEC Exhibitions, Open House Aidilfitri 2011 at office, LIMA 2011, etc.

pic: deco for open house

pic: airshow during LIMA 2011

sgt penat! but still, have to smile! kerja kan...nak buat mcmane:)

of all many good and bad things happen to me,
sy sgt bersyukur to have family yg mengambil berat, both from mine and hubby's side.
hubby is sgt kuat for me. i m glad to have him by my side.

pic: google

Next year, 2012, there are lots of things i want to achieve.
i dont want to stay at the same position as i am today.
there's lot to improve.
in family and career. both.



Happy New Year everyone and keep on smiling no matter what obstacles you have to face!
All the best!:)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Dia Frampton

she is cute!

I like this song..and Dia sang it her way!~

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dalam senyap.

Assalamualaikum semuaaaaaaaaaa!~

How are you girls?

hope everyone's fine..
really miss this blog..
shiannn die kena tinggal dah berminggu..since my last update about my pengapit's wedding...

kenapa i berdiam diri?
i sgt busybeeee....
i prepare for LIMA 2011 Exhibition....
for weeks..
been in Langkawi for about 10 days...

and back from the exhibition, cont working..
support my colleague giving product training to customers...

and petang2 Jumaat ni baru mak free sket nyahhh~

dengan esok planning nak g tgk Ombak Rindu ngan si pari2...
dengan weekend ni nak siapkan jahit manik baju akak ofis....
dengan minggu depan sambunggg 2nd session of giving training..

waaa packnye!
bila nak cuti ni?
siap demam dah sob sob...

Pic: Credit to Ehsan. (Oit bile mase la ni kena candid lak~)

okey see ya in the next entry!
a lot nak share with you ni:)