Saturday, May 12, 2012

Won Eh! Promotions - Clarins n Xixili

Here i ammmmm...... 
(this is my 2nd time writing this post...
 the first one hilang sbb connection internet too slow n i need to keep reload..huuuuuu:P)

i did promise to write about this kan..
weeks ago..(nampak sgt cerita dah basi...hehehe...)
i pergi collect my prizes kat Blu Inc building...thanks team Eh!

The Clarins prizes - i super loovveee itt...beautiful 4 color eyeshadow pallet (come in red pouch tu..)
and love....

for Xixili - sepatutnya dapat voucher but ada masalah sikit so they had to replace it with alsoooo makeup..:P
6 color eyeshadow + 4 color lip gloss...(i am not sure apa brand die:P)
but its fine...i loike it...
the lipgloss smell yummy tau..

okey jom makeup!
hehe bile mood rajin datang okeyla...

super love! thanks Eh!

dats all for today...see u next time!

Friday, May 11, 2012

of my brain now:)

i almost left my handbag in meeting room @ customer's place..
i almost left my note book in boss' car..
i do only what i planned minutes before, else i forgot lho..
and many more..not to list it down here


thank you Allah for this feeling and this moment..
halfway to go..
grow healthy dear baby:)


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Entry Tergendala

1. Won Eh! Promotions - Clarins & Xixili
2. Carpet...

bila i nak start tulis ni?
sekarang not too busy but then too lazy to karang ayat pulak..


see you k!