Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Her 1st Birthday Party


Alhamdulillah...My lil QA turns 1 year old on 28082013..

Masih tak dapat lupakan saat melahirkan si kecil kesayangan kami tu:)


Mummy doakan sayang membesar menjadi anak yg sihat, pandai, dan solehah, aminnnnn!
mummy try deco2 la..minimal deco sebab that week sgt sgt busy, with works...and etc...really try mummy's best..tapi boleh all out lagi.. just need more spare time..
jemput pon kenalan rapat @ bff and families je.. nak jemput ramai2, uhuiii because this is very 1st experience buat makan2, so kena belajar time maybe?

Sayang, mummy tau kamu sangat happy kan?
sebab mood lil QA sgt baik and sgt energetic that day!:) Alhamdulillah...

Few pictures taken during her bday celebration:-

#handmade door gift for kiddos

 #her face that morning

#her birthday cake

 #love the way she melt my heart with her smiles!

#and that's her with mummy!

okey. till next entry, see ya!